Pan fryers

P12, P18, P24

American pancakes

Semi-automated system for pancakes and omelettes

Our semi-automated system for pancakes and omelettes is just the thing for large kitchens and catering businesses.

Now also available as a semi-automated frying system with HOJA easy portioner for blinis and crêpes.

American pancakes

The entire line is ready to impress.

Give your product the catwalk it deserves: Fry on cast-iron pans in the best “Made in Germany” quality and enjoy the homemade look, taste and smell.

Variable product size and shape depending on the pan used
Efficient production of the thinnest blini: < 1.5 mm thickness for all doughs
Sturdy and reliable machines in “Made in Germany” quality
Simultaneous cooking on both sides possible thanks to the heat from above
For products of the highest quality

HOJA wear parts guarantee

In addition to the normal warranty, we give you all wear parts for free in the first year! And even after that, the annual wear parts costs amount to only around 1 % of the investment sum. This saves you up to € 150,000 per year compared to other contact frying systems.

HOJA easy portioner

With a second HOJA easy portioner, the P24 becomes a system for filling, folding and rolling. A low-cost alternative to fully automated systems with very low space requirements.


HOJA all-round service: Around the clock – around the world

Comprehensive expertise, the latest technology and the use of the highest quality components guarantee the special durability of our systems. And if you need a little service one day, we are there for you straight away – or our grandchildren will be.

Whether via remote maintenance or with a technician on site: Our multilingual experts will support you with your concerns. At any time of day or night.