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We have bought a HOJA DRL3000 with NGT 6-5 Heating tunnel and are using it for meat, ground meat, chicken products etc.

The main reason why we invested in HOJA frying lines was for quality reasons, our products on a HOJA line are restaurant quality and industrial volumes. HOJA lines allow us Sous-Vide quality, – just much cheaper.

The machines are very good and reliable. The service is quick and efficient. We can fully recommend HOJA machines and Services, and we would always buy a HOJA line again.

Natalia Vdovina

Head of Production Development,


Moscow, Russia

Ralf Brümmer

Plant manager,

Abbelen GmbH

Tönisvorst, Germany


Recommend with full conviction.

There are worlds of difference between the frying taste of the cast-iron pans and the “conventional” Teflon frying systems.

Our products get a “homemade” quality thanks to the HOJA frying system.
The system is very reliable and has low maintenance costs.
You can always rely on HOJA’s service.
We would invest in a HOJA frying system again at any time and can really recommend it.

Logo Sander Gourmet

Daniel Denker

Head of Production,

Sander Gourmet GmbH

Wiebelsheim, Germany


We can highly recommend partnering up with HOJA.

We installed a small HOJA double rotary fryer with post-cooking tunnel in November 2017 and couldn’t be happier with the results.

The technology has worked so well and delivered such impressive results that we have already ordered a DRL3000 with a corresponding post-cooking tunnel.

Putting the machines to one side, our experience with the HOJA team is exceptionally good.

The customer service is fast, reliable and technically very experienced.

Logo Penrose Group

Billy Rosenthal

Founder and CEO,

Penrose Group

Fort Worth, USA


We have been using a HOJA frying line since 2011.

We are very satisfied with HOJA frying lines, they are very sturdy and reliable.
We can produce products of particularly high quality on HOJA frying systems.

Our homemade products are a particular success on HOJA frying lines.
The costs for wear parts for HOJA contact frying lines amount to approx. 1-2% a year.
HOJA service and spare parts deliveries are excellent and fast.
Response times for technical questions or concerns are very short.

We can fully recommend HOJA machines and service.

Bernd Johnen

Managing Director,

Hardy Remagen GmbH & Co. KG

Hürth, Germany


We have been using HOJA contact frying systems for many years now.

  • For a long time, we looked for an industrial system that gives our products our homemade quality – we found it in the HOJA double rotary fryers.
    The machines are incredibly sturdy and reliable.
  • We are very satisfied with the fast HOJA service.
  • Each year, we the costs for wear and spear parts only amounts to approx. 1-2 % of the original amount we invested in the line.
  • We would always buy a HOJA frying line again.
Logo Meraker Kjott AS

Per Johan Pedersen

Managing Director,

Meråker Kjøtt AS

Meråker, Norway


We have had a HOJA contact frying line with a dough preparation line to produce potato cakes since 2004.

The cooperation between Farmfrites Poland SA and HOJA Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH is excellent, but not much contact is necessary as the machines are very sturdy and reliable. When we need advice and assistance, we always get it straight away. Wear and spare parts are very low, at only about 1% of the machine costs per year. With the purchase of HOJA machines you can expect problem-free operation and consistent product quality, which is something our customers really appreciate.

We can fully recommend HOJA machines and their service.

Logo Farm Frites Poland

Adam Klasa

Chief Operating Officer,

Farm Frites Poland SA

Lębork, Poland


We have 2 HOJA DRL contact frying units with post-cooking tunnels.

  • They are fine and sturdy machines.
  • HOJA is the perfect production line for many of our products.
  • Wear and spare parts are very low, at only about 1% of the complete machine costs.
  • We are very satisfied with our cooperation with HOJA and the team, and we would of course buy a HOJA line again.
Logo Lagerblad Foods

Mika Lindfors

Managing Director,

Lagerblad Foods Oy

Helsinki, Finland