• Frikadelle / Burger
    Frikadelle / Burger
  • Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
    Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
  • Hühnchen / Chicken
    Hühnchen / Chicken
  • Rindfleisch / Beef
    Rindfleisch / Beef
  • Naan-Brot / Naan bread
    Naan-Brot / Naan bread
  • Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
    Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
  • Zwiebeln / Onions
    Zwiebeln / Onions
  • Lachs / Salmon
    Lachs / Salmon
  • Gemüse / Vegetables
    Gemüse / Vegetables
  • Pfannkuchen / Crêpes
    Pfannkuchen / Crêpes

HOJA Flamesearer

Industrial frying – Home cooked taste

  • surface burning for sous vide products
  • low maintenace cost – HOJA wear part guaranty
  • € 0,00 for the first 12 month
  • later only 1% /year of the investment
  • for products of the highest quality
  • homemade look, smell and taste


Regardless if you want to grill, roast, bake or flame-sear,- we offer one solution for all. Keeping convenience produkts warm, melting cheese toppings or just applying a crispy surface, are only some of the many possible applications.

Test our machines and abilities with your products. We are happy to take the challenge!

HOJA flamesearer units are equiped with high performance gasburners. The products are then lead by it. The entire unit and even the gasburners are completly manufactured by high grade stainless steel.

Our in many applications well-proven equipment will certainly by taylor-made to your products and requirements.



You can find a lot of examples on our youtube channel.

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Combine HOJA BBQ marker with

HOJA Easy Dispenser and





HOJA Test Laboratory Asia

Test HOJA machines in our new test lab in Seoul - South Korea.


We have developed a new grill-tunnel for fat-free grilling of burgers, chicken, etc.




HOJA Login Area

Here you can download or watch product videos, HOJA Apps, documents, manuals, wiring diagrams, plc programs, etc

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