Hühnchen / Chicken
Frikadellen / Burger
Kartoffelpuffer / Potato Pancakes
Rindfleisch / Beef
Naan-Brot / Naan bread
Mini-Frikadelle / Meatball
Zwiebeln / Onions
Lachs / Salmon
Gemüse / Vegetables
Pfannkuchen / Crépes

DRL1500E - the Allrounder for medium industrial applications

The smallest of our industrial fryers is an excellent step towards a home-made tasting and looking but fully automated industrial production.

You are going to find all features of the big industrial machines, e.g. recipe control, telemaintenance, large colour touch panel for detailled production control and planing.

With 2,1m² usable frying surface you can do a lot.


Depending on the products hourly production rates of 130-250kg/h are possible.

Combine our DRL1500E with HOJA Easy Dispensers for pancakes, crêpes, potato pancakes, or our rotation formers and after heating tunnel for burgers, veggiburgers, meatballs and many more delicious products.


Electrically heated.
Max electrical heating capacity 56kW
Frying width 420mm


HOJA Test Laboratory Asia

Test HOJA machines in our new test lab in Seoul - South Korea.


Mai 2016 - We have developed a new grill-tunnel for fat-free grilling of burgers, chicken, etc.




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