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HOJA Blini / Crêpes



Hoja Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH is well known as a manufacturer of turn-key production lines for potato pancakesburgerspancakes, blini and crêpes


HOJA’s latest development is a method for dispensing extremely thin, double side baked crêpes and blini in multiple lanes on HOJA double circular frying machines.

Until now thicknesses of 3mm and more at a diameter of 170mm with 50g weight were the best possible.

With HOJA’s patented new technology diameters of 240mm at or even under 50g are now possible, giving a never achieved authentic home-cooked thinness and quality of crêpes and blini of under 2mm.

As all HOJA equipment the dispenser is of modular construction. 1, 2, 3 and even 4 lanes are possible according to the size of the HOJA double circular frying machines enabling capacities of up to 25.000 blini/h. For this capacity HOJA is currently building a DRL3500 with a pan diameter of 3500mm and 1000mm useable baking width.


Even old HOJA Double circular frying machines and be retrofitted with the new system.

HOJA can ensure a 24/7 operation of their blini, crêpe and pancake lines without compromising the quality with their new CIP pan cleaning devices.

At high temperatures with only a hint of oil it is unavoidable that a carbon layer builds up on the pan during production. HOJA developed a fully automated system to keep the pan clean whilst in normal production. With this system it is now possible at run 24/7 maintaining the constant look and quality,- but also saving energy, because dirt and built-up on the pan negatively influences the heat transfer from the pan into the products.


HOJA wear part guaranty


Quality and service are the main reasons why HOJA Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH became one of the leading manufacturers for industrial contact frying lines.

HOJA fryers do not only convince customers with authentic home-cooked quality, but also with their robustness, energy efficiency and the low maintenance and wear-part costs. 


When looked after properly HOJA double circular fryers require only a minimum maintenance and generate minimum wear-part costs.

To emphasise this point, HOJA now offers as the only industrial contact frying line manufacturer additionally to the normal guaranty on material and constructional faults, a new and unique € 0,00 for 12 months wear part guaranty, completely free of charge.

With this HOJA raises the bar very high for machines that need e.g. regularly new Teflon belts and created wear part cost of 10-30% of a completely new machine.

Due to the well designed and long-time proven concept of HOJA fryers wear parts costs are so low that HOJA feels very comfortable with offering a € 0,00 of 12 months wear part guaranty on their fryers.

HOJA Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH now expands their availability in emergencies to 24/7. Each customer receives an emergency number, to ensure he gets immediate and competent help. Furthermore can every customer find and download all relevant data of their machines, e.g. manuals, wiring diagrams, plc programs, etc. in the HOJA Service Network.




NEW HOJA Meat processing lines

Pan frying line manufacturer HOJA Food TEC Germany is exhibiting at this years IFFA hall 9.1 A67 the latest developments in production of high quality frying products. HOJA expands their market leader position in shallow frying machinery with their new complete meatball, rissole, burger pan frying lines allowing to produce panfried quality style products on an industrial scale. With HOJA new heating tunnels the capacity of the frying lines can be increased by up to 100% output.

HOJA heating tunnel combine high efficiency production with production floor space saving. With their multi level tunnels HOJA is achieving e.g. on 6m² actual floor space 18m² heating space. The tunnels can be opened over the entire long sides for easy cleaning access.





HOJA Support Network

To the HOJA support network the extra save firewall protected telemaintenance system was added in the last year. Safeguarding the customers network from unwanted outside access.

HOJA also shows their new complete HACCP process data logging system with direct reporting capabilities for documentation and process control. Additional critical control points and their data logging can be added to the customers requirements. Instead of the loose paper collection of individually taken product in and out temperatures, the new HOJA HACCP process data logging system allows full recording of in and out core temperatures, line data, as frying temperatures, times, as well as recipe data, final customer names and putting all of them into context. This gives the user better understanding of the process and what to do to optimize the process, for energy saving, higher yield and more output. The system is equipped with a bar code scanner to also include exact product details, e.g. batch data for full traceability.




HOJA DRL1000E Baby

HOJA’s mini fully automated productionline is going to be exhibited during IFFA. Automated hamburger forming, feeding onto the automatic fryer, automatically turning of products and automatic discharge into the heating tunnel.

Depending on products up to 150-200kg/h are possible,- a good small start.



HOJA Test Laboratory Asia

Test HOJA machines in our new test lab in Seoul - South Korea.


We have developed a new grill-tunnel for fat-free grilling of burgers, chicken, etc.




HOJA Login Area

Here you can download or watch product videos, HOJA Apps, documents, manuals, wiring diagrams, plc programs, etc

just ask for your login details.

HOJA Maschinenbau-Metallbau GmbH - Am Varrenbruch 1 - 29690 Schwarmstedt -  Tel +49 5071 2130 (24/7)

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